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 1.   Improve discipline and self-control,

       boosting confidence and self-esteem

 2.   Enjoy the fresh air and quiet time

 3.   Keep in touch with friends and

       meet new ones

 4.   Burn calories by walking,

       swinging and carrying/pulling

       your clubs

 5.   Low risk injury sport but it is

       important to stretch

 6.  Stress reliever.  Be happier...playing         golf helps to release endorphines

 8.  Sleep better at night from the

      exercise, social interaction and

      fresh air

 9.  Improves vision by learning to keep

      your eye on your ball and improve

      your eye hand coordination

10.  Improve Brain function.  As your

      heart reate increases, it sends blood

      to the brain . 

You can play GOLF almost anywhere in the world, with anyone, at any age.

What other sport is like that?

 The BEST local course to bring your family!

285316 County Road 10,  AMARANTH, ON  L9W 0Z1    519.942.2154


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