LYNBROOK introduces FOOTGOLF to our community!  

ANYTIME excluding TUED/WED After 4PM


                     • Introduced to the world in 2009, FootGolf is a combination of soccer and golf. Making its way through

                        22 countries, it is now on its way to CANADA. The game is played with a regulation #5 soccer ball at

                        a golf course with 21-inch diameter cups off to the side of the golf greens, in the rough area.

                     • Popular Foot Golf Attire: argyle knee-high socks and a cap! Soccer cleats are NOT PERMITTED at

                       any time on the golf course.

                     • SCORING is the same as in golf. You count your kicks until the soccer ball sinks into the cup!

Par 3 – 50-100 YDS, Par 4 100-150 yds, Par 5 150+ yds. 

                     • Footgolf is a fantastic way for parents and kids to play outdoors together enjoying their favorite

                       sports. Golfers and Footgolfers can play on the same fairway, at the same time.


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